Calliope House (Main Hotel)

Calliope was known for "one of the most famous episodes of seamanship in the 19th century", when the vessel was the only one present to avoid being sunk or stranded in the tropical cyclone that struck Apia, Samoa in 1889. The house was built and used by the Masonic lodge was named after HMS Calliope.

Aualiitia (Ensuites)

The house named after Talking Chief Aualiitia Charles Netzler of Vailoa Faleata. The newest edition to Lynn's Getaway Hotel, houses 7 large En suites.

Guest House

Lynn's Budget Option. Some rooms are air conditioned, the rest used ceiling fans. There is a private kitchen but guests are free to use the kitchen in the Calliope House.

Mealelei Apartments

Long term en suites for volunneters and contracts for 3 months to 2 years. The house is within 5 minute walking distance to the Calliope House. The house has 3 kitchens and en suites.

Townhouse (Vaigalepa)

Located in Tanugamanono, a few minutes walk from the hotel. Property is fenced. The property three buildings.

Townhouse (Ulu o Motootua)


Family Room

Double Family Room

Ensuite Ceiling fan only

Guest house 2 story

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